~ Helpful Keywords for Kindle Authors ~

How to get the maximum benefit from this program :

To receive the maximum benefit from this program, there are a few things to consider.   Your entered word will return a great number of words on a single html page.   That's because the purpose of the program is to furnish you with the words that are associated with your entered word, along with the most currently popular movie titles that contain your entered word, and in combinations that you may not have thought of.   Some of the phrases returned will look strange or contain weird words.   That's because I am including the top 100 current Movie Titles as well, and some of those title words are somewhat strange.

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Everyone advises you to use a keyword or phrase in your book title, blurb, and on your website or facebook page.   However, if you are like me, you think of words related to your book theme in a different way than some of your readers might.   So how do you choose the best of many?   One way is to have all of the possibilities ready at hand.   And that is what this program does.   Sometimes it might return "authority" when searching for "author", for example. However, this is only the Movie Titles database that creates this error, and trying to limit it to just author sometimes causes that database to return less results than desired.   Please ignore those returns.

For example, if you are looking for keywords to use for the theme "school", this program will return both popular movie titles, in order to catch the ideas of "mainstream" thinking, and Trigger Words, or words that are triggered by your entered word. For the word school, the triggered words might include books, teacher, chalk, students, desks, classroom, etc.   You will not want to use all of the words returned, as there will probably be too many.   However, it is my hope that the large list will give you a start on your way to success.

There is no charge to use the program, but I ask that you do not use it more than 45 times over a three day period. I think that is a reasonable amount to allow you free use, and yet keep my bandwidth costs down to a reasonable figure.   If this has helped you in any way, please take a look at one of my books for sale, and purchase one or more.

If you have suggestions, or ideas that might be helpful in making this a better program for all of us, please do not hesitate to click the Contact button on my home page menu.   In some cases your entered word will return little or no results.   Please first check the spelling of your word, and if that does not help you, try using another word or another variation of the word. If a word is not yet in a dictionary, for example, it may not return very many results.   If you don't receive a workable number of results, you also have to consider that this might be a word that the mainstream buying public would not use either.

I wish you the very best of luck in the sale of your books.  

Have fun with it, and if it helps you, please tell your friends! Thank you.


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